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“The League” on FX | Talks at Google

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Stephen Rannazzisi, Mark Duplass, Katie Aselton, and Jason Mantzoukas from FX's hit show "The League" comes to Google for a fireside chat. Remember, fantasy is real! Warning - some content may not be appropriate for ...

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12 things I’ve learned while building products for the web

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Pierre Valade of Foursquare talked to the Campers about the difference between designing on the web: game design and product design. Pierre shares the lessons he has learned about start-ups that he wishes he knew befo...

Ben Chestnut, co-founder of Mailchimp shares his story

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Ben is the CEO and co-founder of MailChimp, one of the most successful e-mail marketing companies around, with over 1.2 million users. They were recently featured in "Fast Company" for their non-traditional corporate culture and creative environment. In this Creative Mornings presentation, Ben talks about the history of the company and what he does as a manager to cultivate such a creative culture. You DON'T want to miss this!

Steve Blank on How to Build a Great Company, Step by Step

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Steve Blank, Serial Entrepreneur; Founder, E.piphany; Professor, UC Berkeley and Stanford Engineering; Author, The Startup Owners Manual In conversation with Dan'l Lewin, Corporate Vice President of Strategic and E...

Edward Oates, Co-founder of Oracle on Entrepreneurship and Innovation in Silicon Valley

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Edward A. Oates co-founded Oracle Corporation, which was started as Software Development Labs along with Larry Ellison, and Bob Miner in August 1977. Ed Oates graduated with a BA in mathematics from San Jose State Uni...

Radical Innovation: Managing the Unmanageable

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Entrepreneurship as a career path – thoughts by founder, business angel and VC, Stefan Glänzer

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Convinced Entrepreneur since his very first job, after leaving university with a PHD in International Management Stefan pioneered on-line auctions becoming eBay biggest competitor. Later on he co-founded LastFM, the g...

Jonathan Powell, Talking to Terrorists | Authors at Google | London, UK

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Jonathan Powell joined us at our office in London to discuss his latest book, "Talking to Terrorists"Find the book at Random House, here -

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Rocket Internet CEO on customer acquisition

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In this talk Dr Florian Heinemann (CEO of Rocket Internet) shares his insights into the ways that a good business analytics concept is essential to your growth. Florian’s message from his presentation at HackFwd’s ...

Running Global But Keeping It Small – 8 lessons learned the hard way by running a global business from a small Polish city

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Michał Frąckowiak, CEO and founder of Toruń-based startup, tells his 8 lessons learned the hard way by running a global business from a small Polish city. A real lean startup story!

Generating high margin business models, choosing the right revenue streams and focusing on what’s working

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A talk by Jason Nazar - founder and CEO of Docstoc.

Talks at Google in conversation with “Ticket to Ride” co-creator Eric Hautemont

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Days of Wonder CEO and co-creator of award-winning board game "Ticket to Ride", Eric Hautemont visited Google on May 17, 2013, to talk about bridging the gap between physical and digital board games, best practices a...

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Without the Doing, Dreaming is Useless

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We all have an idea we've been meaning to execute on, but how can we really make it happen? In this highly original, all-ages talk at the 99 Conference, illustrator Rilla Alexander walks us through this classic creati...

Quitting, sucking and failing – why almost every success is preceded by the willingness to quit something that is not working

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Almost every success is preceded by being willing to quit something that is not working, potentially suck at a new job, and risk total failure. Mike, who has been in the tech industry for over 20 years and has started...