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GM 2014: Fireside chat with panel: What should come next?

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Dougald Hine, Darja Isaksson and Per Johansson discuss the future at Good Morning 2014. The chat was moderated by Mia Odabas.

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Entrepreneurship as a career path – thoughts by founder, business angel and VC, Stefan Glänzer

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Convinced Entrepreneur since his very first job, after leaving university with a PHD in International Management Stefan pioneered on-line auctions becoming eBay biggest competitor. Later on he co-founded LastFM, the g...

12 things I’ve learned while building products for the web

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Pierre Valade of Foursquare talked to the Campers about the difference between designing on the web: game design and product design. Pierre shares the lessons he has learned about start-ups that he wishes he knew befo...

Pablo Ettinger: How we built a retail chain | London Business School

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Following his MBA, Pablo Ettinger spent 13 years in the chemical industry, developing joint ventures in Asia and running a German acquisition for two years. On moving back to the UK, he helped a friend acquire 5 coff...

Matt Rogers: Tackle Projects Others Don’t Want [Entire Talk]

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Nest Co-Founder Matt Rogers explains why careers can be made on taking on the challenges and projects unloved by others. Rogers discusses what he learned working at Apple on the original iPod and iPhone, the importan...

Nancy Cruickshank: Be comfortable with creating something from nothing | London Business School

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Nancy Cruickshank has had a hectic and productive career, devising new media platforms for brands like Condé Nast, Sky and The Telegraph Media Group, before launching her own current venture, MyShowcase. A direct sal...

Ben Chestnut, co-founder of Mailchimp shares his story

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Ben is the CEO and co-founder of MailChimp, one of the most successful e-mail marketing companies around, with over 1.2 million users. They were recently featured in "Fast Company" for their non-traditional corporate culture and creative environment. In this Creative Mornings presentation, Ben talks about the history of the company and what he does as a manager to cultivate such a creative culture. You DON'T want to miss this!

Eldar Tuvey: Growing a business in the dot-com era | London Business School

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Eldar Tuvey, Co-founder and CEO of Wandera, the first mobile data gateway for enterprises, shared the story of his dotcom start-up Scansafe with the TELL audience. An internet software company launched in 1999 with h...

Edward Oates, Co-founder of Oracle on Entrepreneurship and Innovation in Silicon Valley

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Edward A. Oates co-founded Oracle Corporation, which was started as Software Development Labs along with Larry Ellison, and Bob Miner in August 1977. Ed Oates graduated with a BA in mathematics from San Jose State Uni...

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Kathy Ireland: From the Beach to the Boardroom to a Billion and Beyond

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Kathy Ireland will share her journey as an entrepreneurial child, whose unexpected detour as a model, delayed rather than opened, the doors of her dreams: motherhood, philanthropy and fashion CEO. Kathy recently was ...

Running Global But Keeping It Small – 8 lessons learned the hard way by running a global business from a small Polish city

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Michał Frąckowiak, CEO and founder of Toruń-based startup, tells his 8 lessons learned the hard way by running a global business from a small Polish city. A real lean startup story!

Generating high margin business models, choosing the right revenue streams and focusing on what’s working

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A talk by Jason Nazar - founder and CEO of Docstoc.

Rocket Internet CEO on customer acquisition

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In this talk Dr Florian Heinemann (CEO of Rocket Internet) shares his insights into the ways that a good business analytics concept is essential to your growth. Florian’s message from his presentation at HackFwd’s ...

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Without the Doing, Dreaming is Useless

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We all have an idea we've been meaning to execute on, but how can we really make it happen? In this highly original, all-ages talk at the 99 Conference, illustrator Rilla Alexander walks us through this classic creati...

Quitting, sucking and failing – why almost every success is preceded by the willingness to quit something that is not working

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Almost every success is preceded by being willing to quit something that is not working, potentially suck at a new job, and risk total failure. Mike, who has been in the tech industry for over 20 years and has started...