Adroit Canvas Rucksack

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  • Material: Canvas
  • Lining Material: Polyester
  • Design: Canvas Rucksack

Ultra-stylish and superior in performance, this canvas rucksack is highly versatile and ready to take you on your daily adventures. It's fully portable and able to be carried in a variety of ways, so you're able to do whatever you're comfortable with. The long strap fits easily over your shoulder, while it also functions as a backpack. Shorter handles convert it into a traditional rucksack tote. You'll also find numerous storage compartments, so you're able to keep all your items separated and expertly organized. Side pockets are just the right size for your phone, and two front zippered areas provide space for your tablet, books, small clothing items and more. 

This canvas sack comes in several stylish colors, so you're free to mix and match based on your wardrobe or personal style. The front features a contrasted brown patch for a laid back and rustic appearance, while black accents at the handles also make for a visually appealing look. This bag is made from canvas, so it's ultra-durable and able to withstand everyday use as well as use outdoors while hiking, biking or just enjoying a day at the park.