Dash Vintage Messenger Bag

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  • Material: Canvas
  • Lining Material: Polyester
  • Design: Vintage Messenger Bag

When having plenty of storage is key, you need the Dash vintage messenger bag. It offers loads of space for keeping books, snacks, keys, and other daily essentials in one compact and easy to carry bag. It's an ideal solution for school when you want something different from the conventional backpack. It also makes a wonderful purse for those looking for a functional and laid back style. Wear it around one shoulder, or draped across your body on your opposite hip for greater comfort. The strap has a wider area to provide optimum support, relieving strain on the shoulders as you carry heavier items. 

This bag has a beautiful vintage inspired design that is reminiscent of bags your parents would have carried. The exterior has a leather-like appearance, but it's actually made from durable canvas for a stain and weather resistant design that holds up with everyday use effortlessly. Choose from various colors to achieve the look you want, or collect them all to perfectly color coordinate with any outfit. All bags have a main color combined with leather-like accents in a rich brown hue along the buckles and strap. It's a wonderful choice for the work week, school or anywhere you need to be.