Repel Water Resistant Backpack

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  • Material: Waterproof Nylon
  • Lining Material: Polyester
  • Design: Water Resistant Backpack

You're ready for any adventure with this water resistant backpack. It's specially detailed for a truly convenient design, and it's weather resistant, so it's an ideal option when enjoying the great outdoors. Whether you're backpacking to your favorite hidden gem, or hiking through the mountains, this bag is made to go the distance. The exterior is water resistant, so it maintains its appearance and protects your items inside, whether you get caught in a downpour or are walking beneath a waterfall. Choose from several stylish colors to best suit your sense of style. 

The interior of our water resistant bag provides ample storage for all of your important items. The front pocket has internal slots for your tablet, papers, and other slender items. The larger internal storage space has plenty of room for books, snacks and more. Choose between the large and small size, depending on your daily needs. The smaller option is perfect for an everyday bag that won't weight you down, while the large option allows for an all-day adventure when added clothing or equipment is needed. Padded straps add comfort, so you won't mind wearing it.