Honor Wooden Bracelet

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This wooden bracelet is so chic and sophisticated, you would hardly know each bead was actually made from as rustic and raw a material as wood. The deep and rich colors of either the midnight black or oxblood red version ooze luxury and uniqueness like no other. Complete with one stand out, feature bead, with an eloquent gold motif this seemingly single faceted bracelet, instantly ups the ante when the signature bead is revealed. 

Perfect for both men and women with a love for culture and quality accessories, here at Nasiji we can provide you with both. Stack our Honor bracelet with other beaded bracelets and bangles of varying materials for an eclectic look, or save her for special occasions to accent a sultry dress or chic suit. At such an affordable price, you might even be tempted to purchase both colors, one for every affair, or wear them together like a pair. If you’re considering pulling the Honor bracelet into your everyday jewelry, you’ll be pleased to know it looks particularly stylish with watches and chunky rings, as well as being one size fits all. If you’ve never experimented with wood accessories before, this wooden bracelet is a great starter.