Pure Fashion Bangle

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  • Metal: Stainless Steel, Titanium
  • Diameter: 170mm - 200mm
  • Design: Fashion Bangle

Our Pure fashion bangle is everything you would want from a modern minimalist bracelet. Streamlined in design, you can opt for this bracelet in all your favorite metal shades including gold, steel, black and antiqued silver. A chic piece that catches the light just right, there’s no messing around with this all purpose band. Male or female, if minimalism is your thing, this is the undemanding bangle you need for every outfit. Perfect and versatile, you can wear this with any kind of look you decide to build, from casual to formal and everything in-between. 

Crafted from our favorite metal blend of stainless steel and titanium, this piece is durable and unpretentious, easy going yet attention grabbing in an understated way. The medium width design is a great look for most people, flattering to the wrist and also to the eye, this should be a staple in every fashion lover’s collection. Pair this with any one of our silver minimalist rings to keep the theme going and make the most of what this all purpose fashion bangle has to offer.