Alchemy Silver Bullet Necklace

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  • Metal: Stainless Steel
  • Pendant Length: 65 mm
  • Design: Silver Bullet Necklace

There's something mysterious about this silver bullet necklace. While silver bullets often conjure imaginings of destruction and werewolves, they can also represent faith and the triumph of good over evil. The pendant of this necklace is adorned with an intricate gothic pattern, documented as raised metal over the front of the bullet, giving it a stunning three dimensional effect. This is coupled by a shimmery smooth finish that catches the light, and passing eyes. It's also small in size, making it lightweight and comfortable to wear. Despite it's slender physique, it still makes quite the impression.

As with much of today's fashion jewelry, the silver bullet necklace is forged from stainless steel. This material gives it the chic, stylish finish, but also makes it nearly scratch and scuff proof. It's safe for use in water, so the necklace will maintain its shape and color even when used in the pool or shower. While it makes a wonderful accompaniment when worn alongside other gothic inspired pieces, it's also simple enough to work well with simpler and less edgy motifs. Pair with our coordinating stainless steel rings, or layer with other chains.