War Axe Necklace

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  • Metal: Zinc Alloy
  • Design: Axe Necklace

Rugged. Dangerous. Sharp and deadly. The War Axe necklace embodies the striking history of the symbol it bears. Battle axes were used both in hand to hand combat to crush an opponents armor, or even as projectiles. The point? They were bad-ass. This necklace features a bold war axe pendant, complete with intricate details and carved symbols throughout. It's a bold statement that is sure to draw attention, making it an ideal piece for nights out or anywhere you want to leave a lasting impression. It boasts a silver finish with a rustic feel, giving the look even more of an edge. 

This war axe necklace is made with zinc alloy. You'll find this not only gives it its attractive appearance, but it's also a highly durable and long-lasting metal. Feel free to wear your necklace day to day, and enjoy the perks of no scratches or other damage. Zinc alloy is also known for its castability, and it's this property that allows our necklaces to take on such precise details.

Though the pendant makes a bold statement, this item has a subtle coordinating chain that adds appeal without detracting from the emblem itself.