Yurok Arrowhead Necklace

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  • Metal: Titanium
  • Chain Length: 70 cm
  • Pendant Length: 5.5 cm
  • Design: Arrowhead Necklace

Inspired by the native American Yurok tribe, the Yurok Arrowhead Necklace features traditional tribal patterns combined with a simple yet powerful shape of an arrow symbolizing protection, courage and strength. It boasts native symbols carved into the front, inscribed onto a traditional arrowhead shape. However, this necklace is designed to project a modern vibe, as the arrowhead is a sleek metallic shade that takes this timeless relic into the 21st century with style. The chain is a laid back design with a silver tone that coordinates seamlessly with the silver arrowhead, or offers a beautiful contrast against the gold option. The Yurok arrowhead necklace makes for a bold statement piece with every outfit.

For long lasting appeal, this arrowhead necklace is forged from titanium. This material has become popular in jewelry making in recent years, as it's incredibly strong and built to last. Your necklace will continuously maintain its beauty and shape, even when used in wet environments like the shower or pool. It's also resistant to scratching and scuff makes, something lesser materials cannot claim. The sleek, shimmery look your necklace has when you get it is the same one it will maintain.