Connoisseur Slim Wallet

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For a fashion accessory that won't weigh you down, while still being fully functional, this slim wallet is your go-to option. It features a sleek and slender design that fits easily in your front or back pocket, while still offering plenty of storage for daily essentials. Numerous slots are included for your credit and debit cards, as well as for your photo ID. This is combined with a slim physique that will go right along with you where you need it, or fit easily in any bag for easy access. It's also made from highly durable materials that won't wear down with daily use, so it maintains its function and style through the years. 

This attractive slim wallet also features a laid back sense of style that will perfectly enhance your daily wardrobe. Choose from three attractive colors, each of which is accented by a tan patch along the bottom for a cool yet sophisticated contrast. The entire wallet is made from canvas, which is easy to clean and very durable, while also being classically stylish. Visible stitching along the edges add to the effect, making for a truly attractive appearance that you'll enjoy showing off.