Doppo Long Men's Wallet

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For the man who needs lots of storage, but not tons of bulk, this long men's wallet is a surefire hit. It features numerous slots, pouches and pockets, all of which are specially designed to hold your daily needs without being as bulky or hard to carry as a bag. Even so, this wallet is ideally suited for your messenger bag or backpack, as it's easy to find even when stored in the a larger compartment. Slots on the inside are ideally suited for credit cards and your ID. Longer slots are perfect for cash or papers, while the zippered area is great for change and other items you don't want sliding around. The entire wallet snaps closed, so all items stay safe and secure. 

This long men's wallet is also highly stylish and adaptable among various outfits you own. It has a deep, brown leather exterior that is soft and supple, while also maintaining a rugged sense of style. The exterior has a worn look that adds to its vintage inspired design, so it has the charm of a well-worn antique that may have been passed down through many generations. Pair with virtually any of our vintage messenger bags or backpacks.