Firestarter Leather Long Wallet

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The long leather wallet is designed with today's modern guy in mind. It's for those who want something fierce and powerful in their daily lives. It features a dragon emblem along the front, surrounded by flames. The dragon is an ancient symbol of power and dominance, much like you in your daily interactions. Represent that notion while maintaining a sleek sense of style that is bold, but never loud or abrasive. The brown leather is rich and lightly worn, giving it an attractive vintage feel that is sure to become the focal point of any outfit. 

This long leather wallet isn't only about style, however. It's highly functional and designed to meet the needs of any guy on the go. Numerous slots hold all your credit, debit and insurance cards where they're easily accessible and neatly organized. The transparent slots in front are perfect for your photo ID, so you can show your identification when needed, without having to remove it from the wallet each time. Long slots are the ideal size for carrying cash, so you're ready to go no matter how you choose to pay. The slender design fits easily in your back pocket, but is also easy to find when floating around your backpack.