About us

Nasiji Fashion

Who are we? We're a contemporary fashion brand with the goal of providing today's modern gentlemen with upbeat, forward thinking and on-trend men's jewellery, bags, and accessories. You'll find nothing boring within our selections, as our items have been carefully curated from only the most original, coolest and all around unique designers worldwide. From high class, to baddass, you'll find something here to suit the needs of today's style conscious gentlemen. We have a particular penchant for classic designs with an added vintage or rocker element to create contemporary jewellery, hip-hop inspired caps, military bags and luxury watches. And we've specifically chosen pieces that work well together, as well as with items you may already own. Whatever you need to tie a look together, we're sure you'll find what you need within our deliberately chosen selections.

Who are you? You're a rule breaker. A fashion icon. Somebody who isn't afraid to stand out in a crowd, but only for the best reasons. You're looking for street jewellery that makes an impression. For functional style accessories that don't sacrifice utility for visual embellishments, you need Nasiji.

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