Aberrant Square Ring

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  • Metal: 316L Titanium Steel
  • Design: Square Ring

If you're looking for something undeniably unique, then you need this striking square ring. It has a smooth exterior combined with an attractive square shape combined with open ended sides that make the design really stand out. Choose the gold finish for a refined accessory that easily complements business or formal attire, as well as everyday wear. The retro silver finish offers a more rustic appeal, with gently worn edges that present with an antiqued charm for a more laid back feel. This ring makes a wonderfully simple addition to any ensemble, or even can be used as a new spin on a classic wedding band for those who want something beyond the traditional. 

This square ring is made from ultra-strong stainless steel, a material that has become increasingly popular in jewelry due to its strength and ability to mold into a myriad of detailed shapes. The finished product has a smooth finish that is cool to the touch (and cool to behold). Stainless steel jewelry is naturally safe for use in water, so you're good to go in the pool or shower. It's also scuff and scratch resistant, so you never have to worry about your ring losing it luster over time. Choose from a selection of sizes.