Beast Chunky Chain Necklace

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  • Metal: Stainless Steel
  • Chain Length: 60 cm
  • Chain Thickness: 7 mm
  • Weight: 105 grams
  • Design: Chunky Chain Necklace

You're looking for style accessories that do more than sit and look good. You want to catch the eye. Make an impact. Be remembered. Consider this chunky chain necklace. When it comes to eye-catching men's accessories, it's a beast. Sizable enough to make people sit up and take notice, it has an impressive 7 mm diameter that is far from prissy. While it's larger than life persona makes it a bold addition to your wardrobe, it's still understated enough to keep things classy. Pair it with your favorite tee and jeans, or even wear it under your suit and tie to kick things up a notch.

The chain features an attractive silver finish that easily complements virtually any wardrobe staple or accessory. Up close, you'll note a geometric feel with slender interwoven pieces which join together in an intricate pattern that is sure to make an impression. All chains are made from stainless steel, so you can rest assured that they're durable and made to hold up against daily wear and tear. The sturdy hook clasp keeps it firmly in place, while also being easy to remove when you're done for the day.