Brunt Double Finger Ring

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  • Metal: 316L Titanium Steel
  • Top width: 0.5 cm
  • Weight: 17 grams
  • Design: Double Ring

For a look that is minimalistic but still expertly on trend, this double finger ring is sure to be a favorite. It features a thick silhouette that is smooth and sleek, creating a modern vibe that works well with virtually any ensemble you choose. Thought it's highly fashionable, it's also simple and versatile, so it's equally well-suited for your business suit as for your weekend wear. Choose from a bold black finish, a more traditional gold, or cool silver for a more laid back feel. Since it's designed to fit two fingers at once, there will be no missing this double finger ring when you're out and about. 

Our double ring is made from 316L Titanium stainless steel, so you're assured of superior quality and strength. Stainless steel is able to be molded easily to achieve whatever shape is desired, and it takes on a smooth exterior that is both rugged and elegant. Because of its naturally hardy nature, stainless steel rings are scratch and scuff resistant, so your ring will maintain its appearance over time. Pair with our other accessories to create your own unique look. This and other stylish rings are all available in multiple sizes and finish options.