Chisel Men's Flat Top Sunglasses

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  • Lenses Material: Polycarbonate
  • Frame Material: Plastic
  • Design: Men's Flat Top Sunglasses

We have seven different styles to choose from in our men’s flat top sunglasses collection. A style extremely popular with celebs world over, you can have them as flashy as you like in leopard or amber frames or as demure as you want with a simple, shiny, solid color frame. The subtle nuances of color in some of the styles including the black/blue frame allows your look to have extra dimension, a seemingly standard black frame which actually has underlying tones of blue for that extra fashion edge. 

The flat top style is on trend for this season, as well as being a reoccurring shape so they’ll never really go out of style, reducing the price per wear of these sexy shades to virtually nothing – you’ll wear these for years to come, season after season! Their unpretentious plastic frame provides high shine qualities and the polycarbonate lenses will feel virtually weightless, perfect for daily wear, all day long. Pair with a couple of our made for summer bracelets like our Totemic Cuff Bangle Bracelet and you and your men’s flat top sunglasses are good to bring on the day!