Choua Skull Bead Bracelet

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  • Material: Cubic Zirconia, Silver
  • Length: Stretch 16-25cm
  • Design: Skull Bead Bracelet

Are you ready to embrace your wild side with our skull bead bracelet? You should be! This phenomenal bracelet features matte black beads alongside cubic zirconia engraved and embossed beads with a statement sparkling skull bead as its main feature. Adding a wearable rocker chic vibe to any outfit, this piece is perfect for giving your look edge and that all important cool factor. By simply incorporating this unique piece of jewelry into your look, you’ll revamp any casual pair of shorts, denim jeans or even a work suit should you feel that way inclined!

Made from silver and that glittering cubic zirconia, you’ll feel the richness and style oozing from your pores the moment you slip this baby over your wrist. Not just for those who love all things rock, our Choua bracelet is ideal for girly girls too, looking to break up their usual style of delicate prints and floral patterns for a more dynamic approach. This piece pairs perfectly with our other skull themed pieces including the Iez Silver Skull Bracelet. Stack them high and proud, your look is individual and this highly coveted skull bead bracelet will send you on your way to creating your signature look.