Cicatrix Carved Ring

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  • Metal: Titanium
  • Design: Carved Ring

Whether you like to wear your ring on your index or pointer finger, our Cicatrix carved ring is a great choice. Its thick form has a distinctive masculine overtone, while the delicate nature of the exterior carvings ooze style and sophistication for any gentleman. Our silver version shines bright while our retro silver option carries a darker, more earthy nature. The carvings on our Cicatrix ring allow it to pair uniquely with our Lamina Metal Bangle, combining etching techniques for a succinct and collective style. 

Crafted from a special blend of stainless steel and titanium, you can rest assured this rings finish won’t diminish over the years and you’ll be able to wear it day in day out thanks to its trans seasonal design. Matching perfectly with everyday outfits as well as for when it’s time to get slicked up to the nines, if you’re looking for a ring that can complete any outfit at a moments notice, this is the ring for you. Add our carved ring to your collection today in either of our two sizes and you’ll be hooked on Nasiji jewelry from this point onwards.