Devastate Thor's Hammer Necklace

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  • Metal: Stainless Steel
  • Design: Hammer Necklace

Every Norse mythology enthusiast needs our Thor’s hammer necklace in their collection. Express your unique self through your outfit. After all, clothes and accessories should be an extension of our personalities. This ornate pendant hammer necklace can be just that, combining your passion for mythology, fashion and metals all in one. 

Available in gold or silver, the design is intricate, detailing every aspect of our interpretation of his weapon of choice, including a ribbed handle and a centered circle motif. The perfect accompaniment for tee shirts and slouchy sweaters, this necklace is all you’ll need to add dimension to every outfit, regardless of the season. Drawing upon a timeless design as opposed to following trends, this is one piece you’ll treasure for a lifetime and will always represent your character. Its hint of mystery and exploration means your Thor’s hammer necklace will pair perfectly with our alluring Weekender bag, for who knows what adventures you’ve been on, the stories you have to tell or where your next journey will take you.