Dignitary Men's Fashion Bracelet

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  • Material: Leather
  • Metal: Stainless Steel, Titanium

The Dignitary men’s fashion bracelet is the ideal choice for a man with a unique sense of style. Someone who enjoys the colorful side of life and isn’t afraid to express themselves strongly through their accessories. This distinguishing Dignitary bracelet comes in a gold and red, gold and blue or gold and black version for a more subtle look. Knotted with black leather between each link and fastened with a tie, you’ll achieve the perfect fit every time with our one size fits all. 

This piece will pair perfectly with all your staple jewelry including wedding rings, watches and even necklaces. Matching your other jewelry to the lux colors of our Dignitary bracelet is sure to pull your outfit together in the most cohesive way and is utterly simple. You’ll love the dynamic appearance when each color way is worn together, either on one wrist or on alternative arms. You can keep this bracelet for special nights out or feel smart everyday by wearing it even with your office suit. Designed with the stylish man in mind, you’ll find our men’s fashion bracelet looks equally chic on women too and the jewel tones inside each link will flatter every skin tone.