Duality Ring Necklace

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  • Materials: Leather, Zinc Alloy
  • Length: Adjustable
  • Design: Ring Necklace

The ring is a timeless symbol that holds special meaning for many people around the world, and this ring necklace has taken its everlasting appeal and made it into something special. A large ring pendant hangs from a slender fabric chain, offering a brilliant combination of textures for an eye-catching contrast. Additionally, the brown hues work well with just about any wardrobe staple, and its laid back appeal makes it a must have companion for your favorite tees, shorts and laid back weekend wear. It also pairs wonderfully with many of our other men's accessories. 

You'll appreciate the innate symbolism our ring necklace has to offer. The ring itself has long been symbolic of eternity, whether in relation to life, love or the divine. The metal hoop of this necklace features a rustic feel, giving it a timeless appeal that coincides with the concept of "forever." Additionally, Roman Numerals are inscribed along the edge, giving it even deeper meaning. Attach whatever relationship you want to this special symbol – whether the endless cycle of life and death, the passing of time, or never-ending love.