Futura Link Chain Necklace

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  • Metal: Zinc Alloy
  • Chain Length: 50 cm
  • Design: Link Chain Necklace

Bold. Modern. Just a little daring. The Futura embodies each of these things, just like you. With its sleek lines and dazzling silver finish, it's sure to draw attention from all the right places. While its in-your-face contemporary persona is a showstopper to be sure, this link chain necklace also has an understated sense of elegance that captures attention without being too showy. It features a geometric feel with interwoven elements comprised of tapered links. The gradual taper of each piece joining into the larger end of the next creates a truly mesmerizing look. 

This chain is made from zinc alloy, and coated with an attractive silver tone finish. Zinc has been used in jewelry making for centuries, and was once thought to have healing properties. It's also highly durable, and isn't prone to corrosion or bending over time, so it's as tough as it is attractive. Each chain is coated with silver tone metal plating to prevent the alloy from taking on its natural patina over time, so your necklace maintains its appearance year after year. The simplicity of this link chain necklace allows it to easily go from business attire to laid back weekend wear and back again - so you're never without a stylish accessory.