Gleam White Leather Bracelet

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  • Material: Leather, Stainless Steel / Titanium
  • Design: White Leather Wrap Bracelet

Our white leather bracelet is not to be missed! Are you looking to build a stack of bracelets but don’t know where to start? This Gleam bracelet is like buying three in one, allowing your stack to grow quickly from the get go. Coiling around the wrist three times, it is crafted from braided leather and features a chic, streamlined, stainless steel clasp that presses closed in one swift movement. Pairing well with your everyday watch or rings, you’ll enjoy how this bracelet matches with everything you already own, adding a little more personal taste to every outfit. 

Perfect for men and women alike, our Gleam bracelet doesn’t pretend to be fancy and shouldn’t be kept for best. Wear her everyday, travel with her, let her take in the sights of your world, whether that’s an average Thursday at the office or that trip to Machu Picchu you’ve been planning for over a year! Color match the bright white color with a classic white tee or a slight nod to white from the laces of your kicks. Realistically you could style our white leather bracelet anyway you like and it’s sure to come out on top!