Insurgent Metal Cuff Bracelet

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  • Metal: Stainless Steel, Titanium

This season in jewelry, it’s all about texture and nothing says texture more than our Insurgent metal cuff bracelet. Its repeat embossed design is made in an ancient silver hue from our signature stainless steel and titanium blend, an absolutely remarkable piece for your collection that you won’t find anywhere else for its exceptional quality and design aesthetics. 

More ornate than our other cuff bracelets, you’ll be able to keep this one for special occasions or everyday wear if you like to feel dressy and luxurious even when you’re just running errands. Pull this bracelet into your everyday attire with other textures, playing with matte and shine, embossed and engraved to make the most of the texture trend this season. Looking equally flawless with other monochromatic bracelets as well as colorful pieces, this is the bracelet cuff for someone who wants their jewelry to stand out without looking too flashy. One size fits all and free shipping, what are you waiting for, treat yourself today with our metal cuff bracelet, you won’t regret it!