Inversion Sleek Watch

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  • Strap Material: Stainless Steel or Leather
  • Boxes / Case Material: Velvet
  • Water Resistance Depth: 30m
  • Design: Sleek Watch

If you're all about that sleek look, it doesn’t get more streamlined than our Inversion sleek watch. The matching matte black, textured strap and circular watch face features an unusual roman numerals design, complete with a second hand for accurate timing. Of course if you love the monochrome look, we also carry a white and black face version too. The main design feature of this classic yet futuristic watch are the reversal hands, see time differently and you’ll never look back at a regular clock face again!

Customize your Inversion watch by choosing from the black or white watch face, a leather or steel strap, in any color way of your choice from classic steel, to black or brilliant white. For the steel strap version, the hardwearing clasp will ensure you never lose your trusty time keeping pal and all of our options come with a reinforced glass façade that is scratch proof, keeping her looking brand new for longer! On top of all of this, this watch has a water resistance depth of 30m, meaning you can fling yourself into the sea on hot summer days without having to double check you’ve removed all of your precious jewelry!