King Crown Ring

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  • Material: Zinc Alloy

Bold. Rugged. Strong. Everything a leader should be. Those are the qualities embodied within this striking crown ring. The shape of a king's crown coupled with numerous stars and other shapely accents make this piece a bold complement to your wardrobe. It's designed to showcase your power and dominance – you're the king of your domain. Or, wear it as a reminder that you are the ruler of your own future with the power to take on your goals with a king-like zeal. Choose from a selection of sizes to ensure a proper fit. 

This ring is forged from zinc alloy. While it offers a rustic appearance, the metal is also highly detailed for a captivating look. Zinc alloy is known for its ability to mold with rich details that can't be achieved with many other metals, giving this crown ring the appearance of a hand carved masterpiece thanks to its intricately defined details throughout. It's an accessory that cannot help but draw attention. Pair with your other favorite fashions and accessories, whether a suit and tie that make you feel powerful, or your more laid back street wear for a night out.