Nonconformist Unique Bracelet

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  • Materials: Semi-precious Stone
  • Bead Size: 10 mm
  • Bracelet Length: Various, 170 mm - 210 mm

You're different. Always have been, and always will be. This unique bracelet is for the nonconformist, the one who plays by his own rules and makes no apologies along the way. This style piece is fashioned with this in mind, from its unique two-tone finish to its one of a kind texture that adds even more depth to its already bold appearance. Composed of textured and modern matte-black beads contrasted against wooden beads with swirled patterns inspired by Tibetan Dzi beads, this will make a signature piece for someone exuding zen. Tibetan Dzi beads are said to be the bead of light, enabling better thinking process, improved wisdom and harmony in life. The elasticated band on the Nonconformist also allows it to slide easily over your wrist for a secure fit.

Wear this unique bracelet layered with others to reflect your inner workings even further, or wear it solo, as it stands alone as a style option very well. It stretches easily to fit over your wrist, allowing it to hold securely in place while also providing superior comfort that can't be beaten. This bracelet is made from semi-precious stones, offering a luxurious appeal that you won't find with everyday beads. Even so, it maintains a simple feel that allows it to transcend style barriers to intermingle with a whole array of styles and outfits.