Psych Unique Watch

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  • Design: Unique Watch
  • Two year warranty

  • This unique watch combines elements of retro, vintage and modern design to create something truly one of a kind. It features an old fashioned charm, blended seamlessly with futuristic elements that will become the highlight of your wardrobe. This watch has numerous white faces presented against a black background for an attractive contrast, which not only adds style but also makes the numerals easier to read. Larger dials along the sides are easier to manage and control, while also enhancing the retro theme of the design. Additional colors are also available – both deep orange and rich brown – allowing for multiple looks that enhance a wide array of outfits and styles. 

    What really sets this unique watch apart is that it has a different shape, with the usual rounded shape on one side, and a flat edge on the other. This creates a half-circle silhouette that isn't seen often with comparable retro inspired watches. The band is faux leather, creating an elegant look that is also casual enough to work well with your day to day outfits. Pair this watch with our coordinating necklaces, jewelry and color matching wallets to design your own ensemble to perfectly reflect your unique sense of style. 

    This watch is covered by a full two year warranty.