Raven Viking Necklace

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One of the most unique pieces in our collection this season, our Viking Raven necklace features a stunning emblem of this winged predator. Curled around itself with feathers spread, the pendant comes in a dark steel color and a twisted black cord necklace. Although definitely a statement piece, with the right look, you could rock our Raven necklace as part of your everyday jewelry as well. Its medium weight and dimensions allow for the intricate detailing to shine through without being cumbersome or overbearing. 

The raven symbol holds a special place in Norse mythology. The two ravens that Odin kept, are said to have shared secrets and information with him, making them his powerful allies. After that brief history lesson, it has to be said, you don’t have to have a passion for Vikings or Norse mythology to love this piece. A simple appreciation for great design and superior craftsmanship, and you’re sure to fall in love with our ornate Raven Viking necklace.