Seafarer Leather Anchor Bracelet

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  • Material: Leather

Maritime deluxe is on the menu today with our leather anchor bracelet. If you feel at one with the sea or have dreams of being a mermaid or merman, this leather braided base with anchor and helm links will certainly up the ante. While this bracelet is of course brand new, we’ve given it an antique look, resembling time spent at sea, worn from the crystalizing salt spray and with memories you could only possibly imagine. 

Available in black ancient bronze or a coffee skin old red version, our Seafarer bracelet is made from quality braided leather that won’t unravel or fray and will still look as good as new in years to come with a little tender love and care. You’ll love the unique finish and color of this piece, working it easily into your existing jewelry collection. We have many other maritime themed pieces in our collection such as our Mariner Nautical Ring which it will pair perfectly with. Ideal as a gift to yourself or a loved one, you’re bound to get brownie points with our leather anchor bracelet!