War Paint Open Cuff Bracelet

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  • Metal: Stainless Steel, Titanium

Every stylish gentleman needs an open cuff bracelet that he can slip on quickly to pull an outfit together and give him that coveted je ne sais quoi. If you haven’t found that all encompassing piece that goes with everything you already own from your jewelry to your shoes, suits and tee shirts, this is the bracelet for you. Its stainless steel, titanium finish will provide just enough flash to get you noticed without looking like you’re trying too hard, understated elegance at its finest. 

This War Paint Bracelet looks equally refined on women too and the open cuff feature allows for an adjustable fit for both genders. Its minimalist, geometric carved motif is delicate and fine, ideal for everyday wear, either by itself or with a metal matching ring or stacked with other contrasting bracelets like our Locus Beaded Macrame Bracelet. The subtle indentations on the edges are what makes this piece truly unique and sets it apart from the crowd. If quality style and design in a bracelet that’s suitable for every occasion is exactly what you’re looking for, you won’t be disappointed with this chic and versatile open cuff bracelet.